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About Belly Dance with Derwen

Hi, I am Derwen Lyava and I had my first belly dance teaser at the age of 10 when I could visit a trial course for young dancers. Later, on a journey to Egypt, I was mesmerised by the belly dancers I saw performing there. In 2010 I started taking belly dance lessons and immediately fell in love with this powerful way of dancing. After several years of intense training with many different international teachers, I now love to share this dance with passion, love, and gratitude.

Why do I love sharing bellydance?

I gained so much self-confidence with dancing. I discovered that I could move beautifully and sensually and that I could bring so much more presence and deliberateness to my body and movements. This felt and still feels so empowering! My dance journey has been a complete adventure of self-discovery. It has shown me so much about myself and where I am at in life, and where I want to go.

I wish to share this amazing transformational potential with others... dare to surrender to bellydance and see what an amazing journey it takes you on!

Let's dance together!

Much love,


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